SLT assists individuals, companies and institutions that do not have access to traditional solutions, insolvency or not, for managing a crisis in light of the new legal instruments that Law 3/2012 regulates.

Previsions of the Bankruptcy Law

So-called non-fallible subjects – that is, a private business, a non-commercial organization, an agricultural enterprise, artisans and small business activities in general, professionals, the unlimited liability partner, the guarantor, as well as a deceased entrepreneur’s heir – can now access legal instruments very similar to those that the Bankruptcy Law provides for by submitting to their creditors a proposal to liquidate their assets. This is the so-called ‘Consumer Plan’.

The result is to manage the liquidation by avoiding individual executive procedures, often quite harmful, and blocking the slow but inexorable maturation of interest, especially with regard to financial institutions. All debt positions can, and indeed must, be included in the plan, including taxes, albeit with some limitations.

SLT assists debtors in the process of personal or entrepreneurial reorganization, with the same logic of profitability recovery, in a true or indirect sense, and helps them make the most efficient choices, by outlining risks, benefits and consequences.