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Efficiency and code of ethics

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SLT wished to establish unequivocal ethical principles of behavior by sharing and unanimously approving its own Code of Ethics, which governs each professional’s approach to the assignments they face daily, together with the rules of professional ethics.

Code of Ethics

Give priority to professionalism and quality of service

  • accept assignments based only on professionalism, qualifications and experience;
  • assign persons in the company to share the assignment with STL professionals who have greater competence and experience in the specific field;

Assist the client in identifying their own needs in order to optimize the value received/cost ratio

  • fully define the objectives and limits of the proposed assignment;
  • point out the possible alternatives in terms of time, costs and objectives;
  • calculate the time and resources necessary to achieve the defined objectives, also in terms of the expertise and professional skills required.

Achieve customer satisfaction

  • guarantee objective judgments and offer to withdraw in case it’s impossible to maintain impartiality;
    inform clients in advance of conflicts of interest regarding relationships with their suppliers or customers;
  • inform clients in advance of possible commissions and/or brokerage rights relating to the supply of any goods or services;
  • clearly and thoroughly define rates and expenses in advance;
  • apply reasonable, legitimate and consistent rates for the services provided and responsibilities accepted.

Always keep in mind the effects of your activity on the environment

  • withdraw from any commitment if the client does not comply with moral or legal standards;
  • do not use confidential client information for personal purposes;
  • respect the intellectual property rights of clients, third-party consultants and professionals and do not use information and methods without prior consent;
  • respect the confidentiality of information in the context of professional secrecy;
  • do not refrain from negative judgments even if this is contrary to one’s own interests.


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