and our ethical code

Value for clients

SLT was founded to create value for its clients. It combines in a modern manner professionalism and fiscal, legal, strategic and marketing experience that have proved over the years to be synergic in being of real help to enterprises and individuals, at the various stages in their entrepreneurial and professional life, from start-ups, to growth, globalization on the markets, to the most difficult moments of crisis.

Team Strategy

SLT operates by making available in teams the professional skills required by the task, with the sole aim being to provide real support for companies and individuals in their vital or merely important decisions, and on a daily basis. Understanding between professionals, based on the sharing of the same, long-consolidated, values, makes possible effective dedication to each task, with efficient and technically more advanced solutions.

Effectiveness and ethical value

SLT is an organization able to manage complex projects and provide effective solutions with maximum efficiency. SLT wished to establish unequivocal ethical principles of conduct sharing and approving unanimously its Code of Ethics which governs the approach of each professional in the tasks dealt with daily, together with the norms of professional conduct.

Ethical Code

I. Put professionalism and quality of service first

  • accept mandates only on the basis of professionalism, qualifications and experience;·
  •  Within the Firm, share the task with professionals with the most expertise and experience in the specific field;

II. Assist the client in identifying his/her needs in order to optimize the relationship between value received and cost

  • define fully the objectives and the limits of the mandate proposed;·
  • highlight the possible alternatives in terms of times, costs and objectives;·
  • calibrate correctly the times and resources necessary for the achievement of the objectives defined, in terms also of the necessary professional levels and expertise.

III. Obtain the satisfaction of the client

  • guarantee objectivity of judgement and offer to withdraw in the case of impossibility of maintaining impartiality;
  • inform clients in advance of conflicts of interest in relations with their suppliers and with their clients;
  • inform clients in advance of possible commissions and/or rights of intermediation relative to the provision of any good or service;
  • define in advance, clearly and fully, fees and costs;
  • charge rates that are reasonable, legitimate and coherent with the services provided and the responsibilities accepted.IV. Always keep in mind the effects of one’s own activity on the environment;
  • withdraw  from any commitment should  the client not comply with moral or legal norms;
  • not use the client’s confidential information for personal purposes;·         respect the intellectual property rights of clients, of consultant third parties and of professionals and not use  information and methods without previous agreement;
  • respect the confidential nature of information in the context of professional secrecy;
  • not avoid negative judgements even if it is contrary to one’s own interests.

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