Why SLT & Partners

To adapt our work continuously to the changing needs of our clients is common to our profession.
As intermediaries between economic and regulatory realities, day after day we are required to adapt our work to new dynamics in order to obtain the maximum for our clients and professional and economic rewards for us; this requires dedication, passion, strong commitment and great specialization.
Bringing these qualities to areas other than domestic ones and creating solid synergies with professionals of attested experience who share our values represents the core of the SLT & Partners project.

What SLT and Partners is

Through close collaboration, we will be able to seize new professional opportunities and succeed together in providing professional services specialized in sectors of great interest and profitability. This way we will be able to create new job opportunities (SLT, going to operate in new areas around the country; the single Partner, finding job opportunities in areas that were previously undeveloped or that would have been developed but with a waste of resources).

Transparency and client centrality

Personal relationships with clients is the key for every professional. That is why the SLT & Partners project implies a partner’s front line involvement in dealing with clients, whose relationships will always remain the exclusive prerogative of the local reference professional.

Beyond mere collaboration

SLT & Partners is not just a project of professional collaboration or an exchange of practices. Instead, we want to build a symbiotic system that can increase professionalism, personal relationships and business opportunities for all participants through the organization of conferences, the dissemination of informative material and news directed at clients in order to find new activities through an interactive exchange of information.

To work better.