Our firm has acquired significant experience, through collaboration with large national credit institutions, in the development and review of economic, financial and asset planning projects in these cases:

  • identification and development of strategic business areas;
  • new business initiatives;
  • phases of significant company development and the consequent evolution of financial and asset management conditions;
  • financial and asset restructuring operations in companies or company groups. 

Business Plans

Business plans derive from a comprehensive and coordinated system of files that make up the planning phase’s basic information structure.

Preparation of the files requires significant collaboration and synergy with senior management that will allow them to identify strategic business areas (SBAs) or strategic business units (SBUs) and their related portfolios. Defining objectives as well as strengths and weaknesses in terms of both competitive positioning and the attractiveness of the single SBA will allow you to develop a strategic plan and plan portfolio development.

The Phases of Financial Planning

Financial planning usually occurs during start-up, business development, and debt consolidation phases or during financial restructuring procedures regulated by bankruptcy laws.