Italina business summit 2016 Verona SLT

Italian Business Summit 2016 hosted by SLT

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The 2016 edition of the Italian Business Summit just took  place from May 27th until 29th, hosted and organised by SLT.
It concerns the annual event which GGI, Geneva Group International, dedicates to Italy, to its opportunities and peculiarities.

Friday’s programme, which involved the  participation of 50 delegates, Italian and foreign, coming from both Europe and the United States, allowed participants to catch up with the latest news during three Practice Groups, touching technical and legislative updates as well as those of economic interest, with a special outlook on Italy in particular.

The Saturday morning conference offered a trip through Italy, thanks to the guest speaker entrepreneurs and manager’s contributions. Among them, offered their insight both Italians who have embarked onto foreign investments, for a global view of company management, and foreigners who have found in Italy business opportunities and stimulus.

We shall send out a comprehensive News Letter, but first, we’d like to thank all those who joined forces with SLT to make the event possible, as well as those who have dedicated to it from our firm.

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