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Recent contribution for GGI Magazine by Claudio Ceradini

My recent articole to contribute the GGI extrordinary newsletter about Covid-19 effects on world-wide bankruptcy regulation. The pandemic spread of CoronaVirusDesease-19 over the last six months has caused in Italy mainly a dramatic health effects with 236 thousand infections and more than 34 thousand deaths so far, but also financial and economic problems due to […]

GGI European Conference in Berlin. Early stage approach under discussion in DCRI Practice Group – Claudio Ceradini to moderate.

What is clear in Italy as in most of European countries is that only a few of distressed company sort really out of their problems. Most of them enter a bankruptcy procedure which terminates the company with a liquidation throughout a legal insolvency procedure. Less than 10% approach their situation promptly enough to file a […]

Evolution in the world of restructuring and a possible new professional approach

The last GGI Debt Collection, Restructuring and Insolvency newsletter includes one article of mine, reporting contents about my presentation performed in last European Conference in Brussels. It is a short and simple business case on a restructuring plan and related turnover deal. It was a quite usual situation, of a medium sized company suffering a deep […]

Claudio Ceradini has been nominated European President of Debt Collection, Restructuring & Insolvency PG in GGI

Claudio Ceradini has been nominated European President of Debt Collection, Restructuring & Insolvency PG in GGI. «I’m sure it’s a great opportunity for a candid and positive discussion about institutional rules efficiency, but first of all for moving a step forward in advisory approach innovation in such engagements, especially in turnover plans. A paricular thank for appointing […]

Curious and courageous, this is the future of the professions

A restarting plan business-case gave me the opportunity during GGI European Conference to talk about innovation in the advisory world. Even big advisory companies usually suggest their clients to focus on innovation and on customers requests, to improve their market position and competitiveness. But, are we sure the teacher runs better than the pupil? Just giving […]