Extraordinary Operations

We plan and carry out extraordinary operations for the corporate reorganization of the business activity aimed at improving the relative structure as far as business needs are concerned.


The approach to these operations involves identifying the business objectives in both strategic and operational terms. An analysis of company programs leads to hypotheses concerning allocation of financial requirements and profitability, and consequently to the most functional corporate structure. We also analyze any personal or family needs regarding the business, connected with the continuity of management, in conditions of tolerable risk.

Definition of the technical form

Defining the objectives will allow the company to choose various possible technical solutions (including operations involving their capital, mergers, company splits, transfers, acquisitions and/or sales of companies, company branches or other, LBO, MBO, FBO and several others) that our studio will point out based on a comparative tax advantage, the financial burden and the company’s level of pursuit of its objectives.

The solutions identified are presented to the assisted party through the preparation of more or less analytical, technical-illustrative reports and the planning of one or more presentation meetings.


Once the technical form of the operation has been decided, our firm assists the client by preparing the necessary or helpful deeds and contracts, defining the timing of the operation, identifying any other professionals (notaries or others) that will be involved and by planning all the required formalities.
Finally, our firm provides accounting assistance to the client when they need to guarantee the correct representation in the financial statements of events that have occurred.