Banks, Accounting Reports and Interests

We assist our clients in the analysis of individual bank positions (still open or already closed) with technical accounting appraisals aimed at quantifying the amounts unduly charged on bank accounts by way of compound interest, and throughout the procedure to obtain reimbursement for the overpayment paid in course of the banking relationship.

Bank Compounding

The activity follows the decision of Italy’s Supreme Court of Cassation (n. 21095 of 2004), which declared so-called bank compounding, or quarterly capitalization of interest accrued on bank account overdrafts and simultaneous liquidation of interest income accrued on credit balances, as being illegal. However, bank account holders with a debit balance at any bank, who have not closed the account for more than 10 years, will not be protected under this decision.

Technical Accounting Reports

Our firm also prepares technical accounting reports aimed at identifying and quantifying ultralegal interest in frequent cases of lack of contract deficiency, and it assists the customer in the reimbursement procedure with the banks involved, even in the context of relationships that must be kept collaborative and constructive.