Environmental law and safety in the workplace

As part of so-called corporate responsibility, the SLT firm offers consulting and assistance in environmental matters and safety in the workplace through an analyzation of the most critical environmental issues in the company such as authorization regimes, controls and responsibilities. We also carry out activities regarding situation checks and implementations where necessary, in addition to specific training for top authority positions.

Regulations for Health and Safety in the Workplace

Likewise, problems related to compliance with legislation on health and safety in workplaces pursuant to Legislative Decree 81/2008 are dealt with by assessing the situation and implementing, where necessary, oral consulting and specific training for top authority positions (employers, managers and supervisors, etc.), all aimed at establishing compliance.

Delegation of functions in environmental matters and safety in the workplace

Lastly, we assist with setting up systems for the delegation of functions regarding environmental and workplace safety, as well as verification through application of the management model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001, with consequent implementation of the models where they exist and/or consulting in the setting-up process. In the afore mentioned matters, criminal legal assistance is also offered.