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SLT - Strategy Legal Tax


Dear All,

GGI and GGI member firm SLT Strategy Legal Tax kindly remind all members that the third Italian Business Summit shall be held in Verona on Friday 27th May, until Sunday 29th.

The purpose of the third IBS is that to implement connections and ease the collaboration amongst its members with a special outlook on the Italian background.

The event shall entail a rich variety of Pratice Groups and guest talks from a number of speakers, which shall cover the topics of Debt Collection, Restructuring and Insolvency, Litigation & Dispute Resolution and Internal Taxation. The work sessions shall end with a plenary conference on the Saturday morning, titled “Investing and Communicating in Italy”, which shall provide attendees with a dynamic and fresh view on the topic.

Particular attention shall be given to the first workshop, held by Mr. Kovàcs and Mr. Ceradini, scheduled On Friday, May 27th, h 14. After a general overview about the peculiar Italian SME’s situation, we shall focus on turnover plans, what is needed and how can the GGI alliance, especially through a new idea (GGI Customers Relationship Management), make them more reliable and successful. The IBS shall give everybody the opportunity to contribute to this new idea, which can improve relationships amongst members, in general.

Will complete the panel of workshops the PG dedicated to the analysis of the 1958 New York Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards  (held by Mr. Langelaar and Mr. Zanotelli) and the PG dedicated to the analysis of the legislative decree  N . 147/2015, introducing a taxation system for transnational activities (held by Mr. Biernat and Mr. Rossi).

Let us not forget that attendees shall enjoy a number of recreational activities throughout the weekend, in the beautiful location that is the Verona surroundings.

Participants shall embark on a wine-tasting experience in Valpolicella on the Saturday afternoon, following the al fresco lunch at Palazzo Castellani Sermeti, where the morning conference shall be held. The evening shall include dining and dancing on lake Garda, at the exclusive restaurant Tancredi, overlooking the lake.

GGI members shall be able to choose, if they so wish, a number of extracurricular activities, to take place following the event. All information to this regard can be found on the Renbel Travel agency dedicated website, indicated below.

Registration for the event can be completed at the following link: where participants shall find a downloadable version of both the complete IBS Programme and the Registration Form.

Please note that the event, all conferences and recreational activities shall be held in English for all attendees to enjoy.

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