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Strategy, Legal & Tax



strategy, legal & tax




Strategy, Legal & Tax

Legal, tax and strategic advice

SLT combines in a modern way professionalism and tax, legal and strategic experiences over the years they have proved
to be synergistic to be of real help to companies and people, at different times of their entrepreneurial or professional life,
from start-ups, to growth, to globalization on the markets, to the most difficult moments of crisis.

When the first symptoms of fatigue arise, the verification of the market approach, of the commitments and of the economic rehabilitation options creates a virtuous path of return to value.

The overcoming of the critical dimension of the company and the consolidation of value require careful, planned, measured and controlled growth, in Italy and abroad, where we accompany you supported by colleagues from all over the world, belonging to the Geneva Group International network.

Aprire Nuovi business SLT

For a business idea to become a reality, a modern and correct approach to the market, to the product and to communication, the planning of results and the support in the coverage of financial needs, as well as the legal protection of assets and value are needed.

gestione ordinaria SLT

Assistance in the daily work, between obligations and deadlines, is a necessity that SLT responds with innovative services and technological investments.

tutela legale tributaria

The conventional and preventive protection of heritage and its defense, even judicial, are essential elements for the construction and consolidation of the value created, for companies and people.

Efficiency means lower costs, higher margins and profit, reduced risk and, in summary, greater value created. The continuous improvement in the approach to the market, production and control requires a modern culture, tools and professionalism that we offer to our customers.


seminario wine learning focus USA

Matteo Zanotelli speaker at the Wine Learning seminar

Today 30.3 will be held the Wine Learning seminar that the Chamber of Commerce of Verona has dedicated to the theme of the internationalization of wineries. The seminar will address the opportunities and critical issues that present, for wine companies, two of the reference markets: the People’s Republic of China (whose peculiarities will be illustrated […]

Master Norme e Tributi Il sole 24 ore

Claudio Ceradini member of Master Norme e Tributi Scientific Commettee, Il Sole 24 Ore

Claudio Ceradini has been appointed member of Master Norme e Tributi Scientific Commettee, a plan of six conferences dedicated to legal and tax advisors, managed by Il Sole 24 Ore. Next edition provides deepenings about (i) the new structure of enterprises financial statement and (ii) M&A and extraordinaary transactions in restarting plans.


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